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Model   PS1528ad
Configuration way 1
Internal amplifier W RMS 700WSUB+2x350WSAT
Frequency response @-6dB 38Hz to 180kHz
Sensitivity(@1W,1m) dB 98
Maximum SPL(cont-peak) 3dB 128/131
Digital controller   yes
Dispersion OxV omnidirectional
Low Frequency woofer inch 1 x 15
High Frequency woofer inch /
Sat out connectors   Speaker connector
Mic input kHz 2 x XLR female
Impedance(mic) kOhm 1.5
Max input signal(mic) dB 0
Line input   2 x JACK balanced
Impedance(line) kOhm 22
Max input signal(line) dB 10
Max gain(line) dB 45
Stereo input   2 x JACK balanced/2 x RCA
Impedance kohm 22
Max gain dB 26
Parallel out   2 x JACK balanced(stereo out)
Power cord m/ft 1.5 /4.6
Configuration Way 2
Internal amplifier W RMS 350
Impedance kOhm 22
Frequency response @-6dB 65Hz to 20kHz
Sensitivity(@1W,1m) dB 93
Maximum SPL(cont-peak) dB 119/123
Dispersion O x V 90 x 60
Low Frequency woofer inch 1 x 8
High Frequency woofer inch 1 x 1
Input connectors   Speaker connector
General Specifications    
Net weight kg 53
Transport weight kg 57
Optional accessories   twin cables, 2 aluminium stands