• PM Series Monitor

    Seiwin PM series is a compact two-way active loudspeaker that for computer sound system and listening applications. small size but delivers a wide and accurate frequency response and balanced tone to ensure that sound is original and true, XLR or 1/4 TRS input, volume control.

  • CTR Series Monitor

    Seiwin CTRseries studio monitor, Classic design with PVC coated, Bi-amp with SEIWIN FDC Technology, advanced algorithms for filtering and qpualization. Magnetically shielded driver and woofer, XLR or RCA and 1/4” JACK inputs, Bass, Treble and volume adjustment. Low cut for different application, clean and sweet sound.

  • ST Series Monitor

    SEIWIN ST series active nearfield monitor ideal for electronic music producers, DJs and home recording studios, there are two class AB amplifiers, with enable complete control of the dynamics of the audio signal, allowing for listening at high volumes without distortion.

  • PT Series Monitor

    Seiwin PT series monitor, designed as high level monitor, Piano painting coated, Bi-amp with independent FDC Technology, Advanced algorithms for filtering and equalization. Magnetically shielded woofer and driver, Base, Treble and volume control, XLR or RCA and 1/4” JACK inputs, USB port, Room compensation and low cut for different application. Low distortion makes the sound clean and sweet and provides true original sound.

  • PMH-66A Series Monitor

    The PMH-66A builds on the successes of Seiwin’s most popular studio monitors, PMH series, and, like its predecessors, sets new standards in terms of technical innovation and design. The dual 6.5-inch bass drivers, each powered by separate 100 W Class A/B amplifiers, offer flawless reproduction of frequencies all the way down to 40 Hz. A 1-inch hybrid dome/cone high driver, is powered by a 100 W Class A/B amplifie. The result of all this innovation is a beautifully transparent two-dimensional soundscape, with an extensive sweet spot. The PMH-66A providing user equalization and in-room tuning functions. A unique feature of the options is a built-in factory EQ preset that make the monitor more workable in different application. With its massively powerful amplification design, the PMH-66A was conceived as a midfield monitor, but can be employed equally well in more compact listening environments. As with all Seiwin monitor designs, the sound is punchy but musical, with crystal-clear reproduction of the all-important mid-range.

  • PMH Series Monitor

    SEIWIN PMH subwoofers are designed with one primary goal in mind: Achieving absolute accuracy and an authentic natural sound in the process of music reproduction. This means combining exceptional bass power with precision and clarity in every subwoofer. These elements are the perfect partners to complement the highly acclaimed clarity and transparency of SEIWIN monitors in the lower and lowest frequencies.