• MM Series

    MM series features fashion looking, accurated potentiometer and high cost performance which be attracted by buyer. Wide range power supply fit for all countries.

  • MS Series

    MS series features very small size, light weight, and enough function for professional or personal using.

  • MP Series

    Completely made by Seiwin, the MP family include in MP1642, MP2442 and the new MP1242A provide the features and functions for numerous live sound application: touring sound reinforcement, live recording, and permanent installations in Clubs, Houses of Worship, Auditoriums and Theatres.

  • iMIX

    Seiwin iMIX20 is designed for musicians and live sound engineers who need an twenty inputs mixer with the power and capability of a large "concert" mixing console in a compact, affordable and easy to use package. It is the result of many years of Seiwin and his partner's experience in signal processing with the latest technologies to provide you total control over your sound. Although ultra compact, the iMIX20 uses the full potential of our digital mixer expertise without compromising any features. All settings can be recalled including, most important is the motorised faders, it is unique in this class of mixer. Full control is also available remotely via Wi-Fi so you may free to mix anywhere in venue.